Core Members  

Name Affiliation Job Title

Jon Ayres (Lead Applicant)

University of Birmingham

Professor of Environmental and Respiratory Medicine

Sheila Beck

NHS Health Scotland

Public Health Adviser

Ken Bromley

Department of Communities and Local Government

Senior Technical Policy Officer

Nicola Carslaw

University of York

Senior Lecturer

Derek Clements-Croome

University of Reading

Professor, Construction Engineering

Derrick Crump

Cranfield University


Anne Ellaway

University of Glasgow

Research Scientist, (Social and Spatial Patterning of Health)

James Goodwin

Help the Aged

Head of Research

Paul Harrison

PTCH Consultancy Limited (and Visiting Prof at Cranfield University)


Sally Haw

Western General Infirmary, Edinburgh

Senior Scientific Adviser

Lisa Hill

University of Birmingham


Dennis Loveday

Loughborough University

Professor, Building Physics

George Morris

Scottish Executive Health Department (and Visiting Prof at Strathclyde)

Scientific Policy Advisor

Isabella Myers

Health Protection Agency

Scientific Writer

Anastasia Mylona


Environmental Data Co-ordinator

Louise Newport

Department of Health

Scientific Policy Manager

Sean Semple

University of Aberdeen

Senior Lecturer, Environmental and Occupational Medicine

Marcella Ucci

University College London

Lecturer in Facility and Environment Management